Romania will build on Magurele, the most powerful laser in the history of science

Romanian Government approved in the Wednesday, December 8, 2010, start building the first pan-European research facilities in Eastern Europe, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) - Platform Nuclear Physics Bucharest - Magurele, project that participate Hungary and the Czech Republic. The estimated value of the project is 280 million euros from EU funds.

ELI pillar of nuclear physics involves the most powerful laser in the history of science and the most intense beam of gamma world, allowing researchers from Romania and other countries participating in the systematic exploration project, the first time, laser-nuclear border. This broad program of scientific investigation provide basic data that will address the scientific areas accessible in the next five years due to the extreme values of physical parameters (power, energy, pulse duration), and a rich variety of beneficial applications for the national economy and life Romania's social, lasers and accelerators that will be built at Magurele that make them possible.

laser"It is a very important step forward in building the infrastructure of lasers - the largest scientific research project ever conducted in Romania. This bill looks very strong commitment of the Romanian Government as regards scientific research. Since taking office, I met some essential points of the government program in research, such as joining CERN, the largest center in the world atomic physics research and also build the research infrastructure, "said Daniel Peter Funeriu, Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

Minister for Education, Research, Youth and Sports said the ELI project - Nuclear Physics will attract youngsters to pursue a scientific career in a Europe whose absolute priority is to develop knowledge-based society. "In the past, Romania has not invested in what was supposed to invest. Just to have exactly this problem and not more than ten years, Romania invests in high technology today. Moreover, this investment came from European funds for this type of activity. For this type of investment is not taken from the pocket of anyone, but instead put the future of Romania, the future human resource of this country, "said Minister Daniel Peter Funeriu.

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